Corrections Policy

Pahilo Update always ensures the delivery of accurate and exact information, but human errors may sometimes be evident in what we publish. For this, we have an effective corrections policy. We strive to respond quickly to the corrections needed in the errors made by us. We ensure we correct the mistake as soon as it is brought to our notice. This is done solely for accurate information transmission to our readers.

Updating a Report

Whenever we make any significant changes in any of the articles, we make sure that we put notes on the paper, if necessary, to notify the readers that the story has been updated. Our original purpose is to serve our readers; hence, we make it a practice to provide them with the necessary clarification by rectifying the errors in our articles.


If, by any chance, we are required to make a change in any article, caption, or headline, we not only do that as soon as possible but also publish a correction explaining the need for the said change if find it necessary.


Sometimes, the journalists have done their job correctly and brought all the correct factual information. Still, the language used to present the facts has been unclear. In such a case, we ensure that the language is rewritten and corrected.

Editor’s Notes

In case of an article that is factually and ethically erroneous and requires the Editor’s focus, Loktej ensures that the Editor provides a note to the readers explaining the issue correctly and rectifying the error.

Take-down Requests

If any article or subject matter is inaccurate, we ensure its speedy correction after investigating the case. When we use publicly available personal information of any individual, we may review take-down requests of the involved person if he is threatened by physical harm because of the existence of such news material.